shorts all year long
shorts all year long
The bonds between ourselves and another person exists only in our minds. Memory as it grows fainter loosens them, and notwithstanding the illusion by which we want to be duped and which, out of love, friendship, politeness, deference, duty, we dupe other people, we exist alone. Man is the creature who cannot escape from himself, who knows other people only in himself, and when he asserts the contrary, he is lying. Marcel Proust, In Search of Lost Time (via prokofiev)

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‘hi i haven’t talked to you in five weeks but we’re still best friends’: a story about me and human interaction.

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i dont want a job i just want paychecks

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ok apparently if a duckling imprints on a human and doesn’t meet other ducklings he ends up believing he’s a human too. that’s unbelievable. what if im just a duckling with an overactive imagination. what if im just a sleeping duckling and this is all a dream

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